1.   ORDER

Grab your worn-out shoes, boots, or flats. Select the repair services that you need and submit your order. Find a box of your own to mail your items in to the Shoe Clinic repair facility.


Upon order approval, we will begin the repair process. We will keep you updated on the status of your repairs. Once completed, we will ship your repaired items right back to your doorstep using ground shipping.

shoe repair

2.   SHIP

When your items have arrived at our shoe repair facility, we will assess your order and reach out to you if we need to further discuss repair options and price adjustments that may be included.

4.   ENJOY

Smile at how easy that was! Enjoy slipping back into your favorite high heels, boots, or flats.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my shoes to you guys to repair?

After you complete the repair order on our site, we email you the shipping address to send your items to our repair facility.

If my shoes or boots are severely damaged, can they be fixed?

We specialize in repairing shoe or boots soles and heel tips, we do not repair holes or tears in the leather. We can also repair light scuffs and provide overall cleaning and maintenance.

How long does the shoe repair take?

On average it takes just a few days to finish the repair depending on the amount of items sent and the ordered repairs.